Nannies and Governesses

Nothing is more important than the care of your children. Find out what makes our nannies so special.

About Our Nannies

Our Nannies are very professional, qualified caregivers with many years of experience in the field of child care. Every Family has distinct needs for the home. OC Nannies & Newport Domestic Agency strives to fully understand your requirements, unlike many other agencies, our counselors treat each client’s needs with care.

We match the caregiver’s abilities, talents and experience to the client’s desires and requirements, then you decide when the perfect match has been found.

These are some of the responsibilities a nanny may have, depending on the number of children they care for.

  • Primary Child Care for the children
  • Preparing meals for the children
  • Diaper changing and Bottle feeding
  • Administer medicine following parents instructions
  • Playing with educational toys
  • Reading, arts and crafts
  • Playing at home and at the park
  • Potty training
  • If parents have the desire teach the children a second language

Outdoor activities as follows:

  • Driving children to and from school and after school activities
  • Preparing meals, snacks
  • Walks to the park
  • Taking children to Doctor appointments when needed
  • Running errands for family
  • Shopping
  • Assisting with homework
  • Light housekeeping (includes cleaning after the children, sweeping and doing dishes, kids laundry)

Why Choose Us?

Hiring a Nanny or a Caregiver is not easy and very time consuming. Many families that have tried doing this on their own or through an online service have failed to find the quality caregiver they are looking for. We make it easy for you by selecting amongst applicants that we have met in person, and have screened very carefully for your specific needs. Our clients are astonished to find so many excellent candidates in one single interview.

We interview hundreds of applicants each month, and we only place about 20% of the applicants we interview. We are very selective in choosing the candidates for our clients. Our 33 years of experience in this filed have made us experts in recognizing good caregivers. Let us do the work for you, don’t waste your time placing ads online, or trying to this on your own.

“Full Time Nanny? Part Time Nanny? Live in Nanny? Live out Nanny? Single Parent? Two wage earners? Mother Helpers? Whatever the request… We listen to your needs.”

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