Ten Questions to Ask When You Interview a Nanny.

Many of our clients have wanted to know what they should ask when conducting an interview to hire a nanny.  Here are ten questions that we have curated that we feel are the best to ask, in informing your decision on hiring the best nanny. We’ve also included a downloadable PDF!

1.  Begin by telling the Nanny a little bit about your self to brake the ice.  Nannies can be nervous and will feel more at ease once they see how nice you are.

2.  Now ask the nanny to tell you about herself.  Her background, where she lives and where she is from.

3.  Ask the nanny to tell you about her last position and explain a typical day with her previous family.    What hours she worked, days and what she did for the family.

4.  Ask about her education and any special certificates or training she may have.

5. The ages of the children when she started working for the previous family.

6. Did the nanny do other chores for the family like light cleaning or cooking.

7. Ask about flexibility and if she is willing to work extra days and hours.

8. Can she travel or do over nigh care if needed.

9. How long does she wish to work for.

10. Talk about salary and benefits.

Download these questions as a PDF here!




  1. Thanks for the PDF list and great points. The problem these days is that it’s hard to trust what comes out from a stranger. I not only rely on professional references, but also conduct a thorough background check on a Nanny that I hire. After all, it’s for my kids! I travel a lot and sharing custody with my husband for a 3 year old is not easy. He is with me on weekends and during the day I have to have a Nanny that I can trust.

    Now, I do not rely on a background report totally, I meet the Nanny in person and do a formal interview. Even though I go through reputable agencies, I still do background checks for personal satisfaction and would recommend anyone else hiring a Nanny to do so as well!

  2. These are some great questions to ask a nanny before deciding to hire them. It’s important that you get a good idea of what their personality to see if it would be a good fit for your children. You should feel like your children will be able to develop a good, respectful relationship with your nanny.

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